Collateral – Create Notifications v5.0.1 Pro

Collateral – Create Notifications v5.0.1 Pro collateral-create-notifications-v5-0-26-pro-4

Main features
• Access to all 400+ notification icons
• Created notifications are saved for reuse
• Edit notifications completely after creating them
• Change default notification icons, colors and options
• Backup, restore, import and export notifications locally
• Night mode that can be enabled based on time or indefinitely
• Share notifications to – and create notifications from – other apps
• Notification and widget shortcuts to create notes and lists
• DashClock extension to display active notifications

Premium features
• Sign in with Google to manually backup/sync notifications
• Add actions to notes to perform tasks from the notification
• Add pictures to notes to display them within the notification
• Add reminders to notifications to create them at a certain time
• Select favorite icons to be displayed above recently used icons
• Share pictures from other apps to create notes with them
• Various options to customize reminders per notification
• Reminder notification to show upcoming reminders
• Ad-free experience

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• Bug fixes

• New UI based on the updated Material design
• Improved filter to sort notifications, look for past reminders and search by tags or color
• Add tags to notifications to filter them in the home screen
• Add actions to lists or set an action to appear by default
• List items marked as done will show as strikethrough text
• Tap on a note’s picture to open the note in the edit screen

This app has no advertisements


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  • Collateral – Create Notifications v5.0.1 Pro yH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw=h310

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