Cold Launcher v10.1 Patched

Cold Launcher v10.1 Patched cold-launcher-v9-5-patched

• Minimalist design No app drawer, all apps on desktop, find your apps easily.
• Clean and pure No ads, only a clean desktop.
• Customization Customize desktop grid, icon size, and more. Support third party icon pack.
• Auto arrange Auto arrange icons when moving or deleting icon on desktop.
• Performance Only 1Mb size, built for speed and performance, smooth and battery-friendly.
• Seemless integration Support freezing(Need ROOT),frozen(disabled) apps will show on desktop
• Stability First Easy to use.

Paid version features
• Hide apps.
• Icon pack support.
• Show running apps(Android 6.0 and below).
• Auto freeze(ROOT).
• Silent uninstalling(ROOT).
• And more.

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Version 10.1 (2018-06-25)
Prompt to upgrade completely remade TS Launcher, which has latest Android features such as notification dots, app shortcuts(6.0+) and adaptive icons(8.0+)

This app has no advertisements


  • Cold Launcher v10.1 Patched WbBshec85JNenuIrFEkjK0Nk6Y8Eb6TB4hq98uywKLmTbqF6YVemru0fycTVrVZX1GH6=h310
  • Cold Launcher v10.1 Patched -kiTksf_tYBMoiGBxrlzovq2Wg8yPfcYGcC1OsfQ_Y0vSW0Pr67d9DM7d2s4_vVNnQ=h310
  • Cold Launcher v10.1 Patched HnhrJKy0jV-0H58wp1KhY1PU6z7v5ss9d0T2RZu6JtPoXXAa0PG4T3iwABs0kkidNg=h310
  • Cold Launcher v10.1 Patched dFIYYoQvzqFrVv-rvHJUXFgAXVZnwUBxpyS3S8SQs7tSU0MEX-10wKgs3BYSk0WhcU8=h310
  • Cold Launcher v10.1 Patched AGDVL9l85QgxiP4cT_sa6yWM429G6E37a-x6Z5rRovXE9F_jcLEBpyoQDM-nwB-p-w=h310
  • Cold Launcher v10.1 Patched uiq8RFrDrzjJUEEhMjF-IBSgBMSWre_Ys1Yd7gVvoTD-69pJ-cS4was7gymMCfmwvgE=h310
  • Cold Launcher v10.1 Patched owDRrWHtn9RXxAu-es2_tHO6ahDpkm8zgpsIaVkyRFfu6Wz40AQUafbVlBUgt5N70EQ=h310



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