Click Chronicles v1.0.13 Mod

Click Chronicles v1.0.13 Mod click-chronicles-v1-0-13-mod

If Hero achieves certain goals, he will encounter his partners and summoning monsters one after another on the journey. By means of fighting, Hero and his partners will become stronger and stronger, and their team will become more powerful as well.

Along with the story unfolding, the players, accompanied by Hero, will discover the secrets — Developer Studio — hidden on this fantastic land step by step. By ruminating dialogues in the story, you will taste the real experience of independent game developer, which is just like a brave adventure in the game.

Introduction on the features and system of the game
✓ Hero’s Might: four exclusive and powerful passive skills that can be used.

✓ Talents System: You are a new recruit of Hero and it seems like that you are unaware of the powerful and sealed secrets on you. By difficult battles, you practice and master these talents to make yourself formidable.

✓ Partner Recruitment: if Hero achieves certain goals, he will encounter his partners one after one on the journey. And partner’s level can be improved to enhance the additional abilities and power of the team.

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✓ Summoning Monsters System: unlock summoning monsters by achieving certain goals, and gain more powerful might by improving their levels.

✓ Super Combination System: after the god-like-power given by summoning monsters, you can use the combination skill in the limited time to enhance attack ability.

✓ Cute Monster Archive: there are various fantastic creatures in the world of Click Chronicles, come collect them and record them into the archive!

✓ Achievement System: various and challenging achievements that bring great awards.

✓ Interface with three languages: built-in interface containing three languages: Chinese, English and Japanese.


Fixed gold maximun display.

1. Infinite Crystal*
2. Infinite Gold*
3. Infinite Talent Point*
*Always can afford/Increase when spend​

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