Cattle Punk v1.0 (Paid)

Cattle Punk v1.0 (Paid) cattle-punk-v1-0-paid

You are ‘The Sheriff’. A watchful protector of these bovine creatures. Armed with your time limited psychic abilities and trusty six shooter, you must protect the cattle from the steely claws of these robotic menace.

Will you beat the scourge in time?

Cattle Punk is a tap and shoot, wave survival game, in which Sheriff must survive waves of Robo legions, with each wave increasing in difficulty and complexity.

Good luck, and happy tapping!

– Fixed initial load bug that caused game to crash on first startup.
– Fixed data verification that caused you to go passed last implemented wave.
– Added ending for players to enjoy once they beat last challenge.
– Fixed bookends for level select
– Added loading screen so that data is properly loaded and awaited for.
– Misc fixes with data and loading.
– Adding different texture compression support.

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  • Cattle Punk v1.0 (Paid) 6___1SFCa5sNjDcdI78YpMx4kJu0N2aDUSvlwjKhnzdf-1JYo12VlZoEVLSb49pOfg=h310



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