Castro Premium v2.8 build 80 Paid

Castro Premium v2.8 build 80 Paid castro-premium-v2-6-1-build-71-paid

Real-time information monitoring
Castro is ready to show you various information about your phone or tablet in real time, including:

• System information and identifiers.
• CPU status.
• Battery monitoring.
• Memory utilization.
• Monitor the data usage over Wi-Fi and mobile networks.
• And many more features!

Data reports
Share your information with friends using data reports. Castro supports standard text and PDF reports.

Improve your experience with Premium
• Customizable widget shows information about battery and processor right on your homescreen.
• Night theme with unique graphics, so that your eyes can rest at night.
• Much more coming soon!

FAQ and translation
Looking for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)? Visit this page:


Added [Bluetooth]: Added new category – Bluetooth in Other. It will check for Low Energy and other technologies support. Also can check connected devices properties.
Added [Processor]: New devices in database – Primo N2, OnePlus 5, Xiaomi MI 6X, Nokia 3.1, Nokia 5.1, Nokia 6.1, Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia X6, Xiaomi Redmi S2, LG V35 ThinQ.
Added [Processor]: New SoC in database – Snapdragon 660.
Added [Device]: In identifiers section added Google Services Framework ID.
Added [Device]: In identifiers section added IMEI 2 for dual-sim devices.
Added [Device]: In identifiers section added MEID 1 and MEID 2 for CDMA devices.
Added [Device]: New section – HDR. It will check for display’s HDR support.
Added [System]: In OS section added P check support (will it be Pineapple?).
Added [System]: In miscellaneous section added version of Google Play Services.
Added [System]: In miscellaneous section added version of Java Runtime.
Improved [Wi-Fi]: In properties section Signal field now shows in percents.
Improved [Processor]: In CPU section Supported ABI field will display 64-bit ABI aswell.
Added: Main font for all section titles is now Roboto Monospace.
Added: Animation for settings categories transitions between screens.
Updated [PREMIUM]: Layout of Speed notification screen with “example of usage”.
Updated [PREMIUM]: Added more contrast color for Navigation Drawer and other navigation elements in OLED theme.
Updated [PREMIUM]: Status bar color updated with darker variant for both Night and OLED theme.
Updated: Most of vector icons updated to Material Design 2.0 specification.
Updated: Icons for system settings links in Battery, Memory, Internet and Wi-Fi updated to Material Design 2.0 specification.
Improved: Margins and paddings on Sensor details screen.
Improved: Optimized size of many raster icons and images.
Added: Double click to exit application to prevent false application closures.
Added: Possibility to reset all measurement settings to default state.
Added: Link to SIM system settings in SIM category.
Fixed [Wi-Fi]: In properties section SSID field will be hidden if Hidden SSID enabled in router.
Fixed [Codecs]: All codecs types were marked as “Unavailable”.
Fixed [System]: Bootloader version was marked as “Unknown”.
Fixed [System]: Wrong detection of SELinux state.
Fixed: Useless restart dialogs in measurement settings removed.

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  • Castro Premium v2.8 build 80 Paid Idok_K8WtRUlH9nfvSu2NVmnOxcX4kBWEIAV-_4DmCEMZYkvmjBye-0AX2d3Vz1qbec=h310
  • Castro Premium v2.8 build 80 Paid zwMqU8H4hOAJpU-PllJIYNqXcLSVF6rxYlExVQCvqRrABpPhiqA3auFhFslJh8CuqH8=h310
  • Castro Premium v2.8 build 80 Paid FIWvs3OLaXNkwW2UdH9upR5FCD_xYiyp0ACGutSrJHC3PGrQZSa7b_pjuVMZdot9OBY=h310
  • Castro Premium v2.8 build 80 Paid ne_KnZt_l2v_M9iJxKTOR0yU1HP685H36TcDpKPpXoJQyNbodMAJ-LA-43JJH6aT1mM=h310
  • Castro Premium v2.8 build 80 Paid bQ0wFtmWS7mDsa1dO0dHhxWd5n7_rtlh2eI2-1ZNYtfMgKtjBj9vwkAFwl7htSAlmQ=h310
  • Castro Premium v2.8 build 80 Paid K93OOdMmL2zW1CJIZOgTwjd5ggiepopjg21atuEDovIiovDewMqBukI-0ONAFZEDMyQ=h310



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