Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid)

Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) cartoon-craft-v1-01-paid-4

What’s happening? Come get here and save the day!

This is a real-time strategy game.
The most adorable RTS on mobile(Probably).

How to
– On start there are 4 workers on your side
– Make them gather gold from mine and lumber from trees
– Build a farm and barracks
– Train swordsman from barracks
– Make your force search the map and smash the enemies

– Exit popup by Back button added
– 1 Touch Drag function changed(Multi-select -> Move Screen)
– Stage8 Map replaced
– Select All Force button added
– Save/Load menu added
– Back button applied
– Critical Bug fixed

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  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) TjXh7NOqz3ScxT0Ww_QdBOEaMP3unnd_K2AJZAterQMaaI1YdfVCMRtqNGIRxgZ5ynXK=h310
  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) c7a6VG1iVzqtg0lED_z9JEM9eJuEvTz6UdKNbEf1mS5iM67_duuv9sm6qhK86oqJBO60=h310
  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) AdwaJBFke6UEqNt3jPGQpFw5BKpkzBqHy1Tv6QZmh9jiiBTKJNJMtGwVi3SuUfq0x-o=h310
  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) QsmVBYPiM2MRnWG7qRxWACDwES8vPIBcR4wCnFLV90Ov9I2q3vHfwMkLGyXVSsHrCzg=h310
  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) Jo3GsEcRY0MwH59iqh6UG_Fs-c2pHElE1aX7UqHgKf0iRyvT-AqdsUqtHiqKQhfAiW8=h310
  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) s78C1z9cjpBJ2WhcHdGMN7ZA6bIiOeD4067fiYmyq1h0oRm50apRrmIVSEoOMapOM88H=h310
  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) i3W6jm_yzjnfJvkS9IGtTYuhw-nwtgPd5HZRQ_yr5VzQnlTxACEhBHHFp3WQcfqbuok=h310
  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) 25BdamCZCEktrEzhgZ6YDs3-vL4fx7FLfG3sspKmoRBWmQRQZGpVPxoeiNDkjhp0Yp4=h310
  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) GR2VLFBpXNLHLBBgZsMBDsL5zMOr1uKTi2aaXv7EbDfkeoBuE4I0wHm1_zq-f9HrHQ=h310
  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) DE3bS_E5S8qXaRIOo3tAhMM6GtWz1wm5m4NIy3EM34tzxkgIkw5HLW1srCy1dliivVuF=h310
  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) 2ljUZQRDyFpvxdWbT5csqzCbz3x-yGPP5BZDBxyh3wtuV3GrqLKq2FbXPuMkdi2kMjKa=h310
  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) 3vxjiW12JA5kQROFYYJ4xNptz8wo25NKL68eBMqqSgVQa1wwaNE9kC8DXTHdtGitvA=h310
  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) we5Zb_WarDYo_SrETlwd6d9reJWNJftmt3X7Lcg6prd7GKh9IbZDwZtI_S2Pbdo7viA=h310
  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) t5TMGIN9Lz82kuawNHFE_t89iMX-g2jbKqUpybiJuKtSQbgoIyikkLx1Wdi7Lsm7KG0=h310
  • Cartoon Craft v1.2.4 (Paid) 8m5tATPaDBDg33R4grpqKXx41odO_6MYjyay6ac4vrNLgKqHIreZARdQ0rkskS9gtnmj=h310



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