Car Camera v1.2.5 Paid

Car Camera v1.2.5 Paid car-camera-v1-2-4-paid

With Car Camera you’ll get rid of the problem of buying expensive dashboard cameras. The application will surely surprise you with the uniqueness of its features. All for a fraction of a standard dashboard camera price.

Check it out by yourself!

Key features:
– control the application stress free with simple and clean user interface,
– change advanced recording parameters like resolution, whitebalance, autofocus, frames per second,
– capture both video and gps locations data of your journey,
– capture time lapse videos (recorded video looks like fast-forwarded e.g. 30 minutes of recording fits into 10 minutes of output video),
– preview your captured route in realtime with embedded Google Maps,
– continue recording in background allowing you to use your smartphone normally e.g. navigation or internet browsing (works best on Android 5+ versions),
– watch your recordings and follow your location on Google Maps,
– manage your recordings with built in browser.

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Remember! The application will not stop developing and meeting your expectations.

Some capabilities can be limited by your device’s camera driver or installed Android version.
Charging your device while performing too many tasks at the same time is not advised.


– added battery temperature monitoring,
– fixed problem with saving GPX files,
– from now on while using a rotary recording we delete all files suited for delete if required (previously we were deleting only the oldest file),
– fixed problem with location button not working at first click,
– added an initial implementation for Android Head units if we detect more than 4 camera sensors,
– fixed issues on Android 4.4 or older,
– updated libraries.

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  • Car Camera v1.2.5 Paid VCicDkYA1dC7TsM_4SuXfADLYn29Krj9BwW_w4pztUuXF3LdV1x-iLsxWiSJ6kgNuk0f=h310
  • Car Camera v1.2.5 Paid tFxX04hDCNVrN62s-fRSowJL2tr9ipRlR_ZCSux0RKJEuv_HryxIwdJJbog8Plia-A=h310
  • Car Camera v1.2.5 Paid K3kR_MHqNmZmF1EfkdlDpqAa7T1K_UhFW7A4uMVLI9CMsHD1wK1kKpkJHxBGQ7vNt2k=h310
  • Car Camera v1.2.5 Paid 3LOGLoYStQwLJQNH4jb2uzAkwm8qFDDK2CT86t--jN1KGNGGAShif4k0lpHh0AEmKdY=h310
  • Car Camera v1.2.5 Paid zuyrcbpTG5aY0qu6PHE5lS0BS_lKwLjtYumV8P3M-Juu8vZ8S2ZPHC5j_0KKzxHtX5FF=h310



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