Camera Timestamp v3.49 Patched

Camera Timestamp v3.49 Patched camera-timestamp-v3-46-patched

Easily customize timestamp and location settings on your mobile device:
– Adjustable camera date/time.
– Add custom text above the date/time stamp.
– Choose a date/time format from many available formats.
– Add your own custom date/time format.
– Choose a text color – any color you want.
– Choose a text size – automatic or choose your own size.
– Text outline – make your text more visible when the text color is similar to its background color.
– Text location – lower left corner, lower right corner, upper left corner and upper right corner.
– Support many text fonts
– Geostamp – include location of the photo (optional).

Timestamp Camera features:
– Pinch to zoom
– Silent camera
– Support multiple picture resolution*
– Front camera support*
– White Balance*
– Color Effects*
– Scene Effects*
– Toggle Autofocus*
– Toggle Flash*
– Countdown Timer
– Use volume key as camera shutter
– Guide lines

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*If available on your device.


– Added more location options.

● No MGP needed

This app has no advertisements


  • Camera Timestamp v3.49 Patched Xc_H7EygXhH2C8nJ6Xc8UMA3laq1s0VVjar6E3kgySQU46gOstE7oFf8miY64xqlzqU=h310
  • Camera Timestamp v3.49 Patched 7inOUaEeee0nEmRDQZTGAZCatjSXNec3HetMmAEMEYvlrE2lY9Bpg37fzvxVh8uvzc0=h310
  • Camera Timestamp v3.49 Patched nLsFTlLLYsKBTdcG4WHOzTx9xcblgvSFRirfg00APJdj1_bRRtulpn4tG9phzSQY51c=h310
  • Camera Timestamp v3.49 Patched EOYai5Nf5XLBCTyZbM21cJZww23ocGXGRA5IYO_FK0LP4NqHCeBY798b_q0UZBGr0mUf=h310
  • Camera Timestamp v3.49 Patched gQiMDgCKNoYlev0lTMpua6VaSejL8s_pgqL-k1eku9tIEk_COZEnpXl-eMHsT51ksyg=h310
  • Camera Timestamp v3.49 Patched DRFogbpeUDdsExDIWe0X39Vzxou_usPRSR1CYq8RHXKGAPDWzIQNl0AfE4_Nqp1Psg=h310
  • Camera Timestamp v3.49 Patched nJcgwOtU2Jis75fuHFhL8kWAWsrT0qx4iedxusJk22DvbO2DjHtLA_WROoZBXzKiPA=h310
  • Camera Timestamp v3.49 Patched hBmIJH1ab4OBqd-p158A6HalLHBVMfJN9heYePu-1hqyI35KVcO6dROHCQ0YkKUEag=h310



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