Camera Guard™ PRO – Webcam Blocker v3.0.8 Paid

Camera Guard™ PRO – Webcam Blocker v3.0.8 Paid camera-guard-pro-webcam-blocker-v3-0-8-paid

Camera Guard™ makes sure that no hacker, spy or malware can observe you. With just one single click the camera, of your smartphone will be completely protected.
Camera Guard™ is more than just a new safety product – it is an uncompromising unprecedented solution, which secures every Android™ device.

Prevent spying and end unattractive taping
Not only millions of users, but also founder of Facebook™ Mark Zuckerberg and FBI-chief James Comey tape over the webcam of their devices.
With good reason: Everything and everybody is spied on! We know this since June 2013 when the first NSA documents were revealed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden. Since then increasingly threatening details are being constantly uncovered.
But not only have hackers found solutions to misuse the webcam without a warning signal to the user, but also the latest malware is highly dangerous, because it specifically targets control of the integrated camera.

See nothing – For those who should not
With only one click the protection is activated and Camera Guard™ blocks and observes all programs and processes that try to access the camera of your smartphone. Every attempted security breach will be reported with a signal.
To further prevent manipulations, the individual settings of the software can be secured with a pin that is especially secured by a hacker safe protection.
While all accesses and warnings are conveniently protocolled in the log file, the intelligent Deep Detective™ detects even previously unknown attacks.

Deep Detective™: A smart invention against (un)known threats
With the Deep Detective™ we have created an intelligent and versatile detective that observes all accesses to the Android™ device – similar to an alarm system, a firewall or an Intrusion Detection System – only smarter.
Deep Detective™ permanently controls which process or app currently attempt to access the camera. Additionally it reports known – and thanks to modern heuristic methods – also unknown attack attempts.
Every possibility to spy on you is proactively restricted from hackers, spies and Trojans.

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An ideal combination
Camera Guard™ can, especially with activated Deep Detective™, be used ideally in combination with other existing security solutions like anti-virus scanners or firewalls.
Anti-virus scanners and personal firewalls have already been stretched to their limits for years: With Camera Guard™ you surpass those limits, because the software observes and secures specific hardware components that couldn’t be protected by modern security solutions – until now!

Features “Professional Edition”:
+ Camera protection
+ Auto-Protection
+ Graphical window about blocked apps
+ List of Apps with camera access
+ Pop-Ups regarding security breaches
+ Logfile protocol
+ Deep Detective™
+ Whitelist
+ Protection against known and unknown attack attempts
+ Passcode protection
+ Widget
+ 24/7 Support by e-Mail


Version 3.0.8
+ Signature update checks are now more often a day.
+ Probems with the auto protection have been fixed
+ Bug fixes

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