Calypso – Substratum Theme v2.3 Patched

Calypso – Substratum Theme v2.3 Patched calypso-substratum-theme-v2-3-patched


• Supports Android Oreo 8.1 ROMs with OMS support.
• OxygenOS is supported (Beta).
• LineageOS isn’t fully supported
• Doesn’t work on Samsung devices running stock firmware
• You need substratum app from the Play Store to apply the theme
• You need to be rooted
• xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi devices are supported


• Framework
• Selectable Main.
• Gradient colors
• Transparent backgrounds (3 styles)
• Amoled background
• Android P notifications
• Status Bar and Quicksettings
• Navigation Bar (2 styles)
• System Apps and Third party apps
• Exclusive animations
• +50 themed applications
• Sound packs (3)
• Bootanimation (Pending)
• Fonts (1)
• Wallpapers (+10)


• AOSP/General
1. Download & install the theme.
2. Open Substratum and give it full root permissions and also allow system modifications.
4. Inside the theme there will be overlays you need to select and choose the combinations you want to apply.
6. Click the floating action button (FAB) at the bottom right and select Build & Enable.
7. Once that finishes compiling/installing with no errors, wait until SystemUI restarts.
8. Enjoy the Calypso’s design.

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• OxygenOS Oreo
1. Select Oxygen OS on top of the overlay list
2. Select all or check options in the overlays
3. Apply it by Selecting build and enable in fab menu.
4. if the dialer and contacts shows some graphical glitchs on glass background go to settings>display>change theme to default and switch back to dark theme.
5. Do a Full reboot.

THEMED APPS … sp=sharing



-Improved Android-Pie
-Improved OOS (OxygenOS)
-Improved Whatsapp
-Improved Steam
-Improved Play services
-Improved Substratum
-Added missing icons
-Bug fixes

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  • Calypso – Substratum Theme v2.3 Patched haxMazmiyb8zWxfUeLZP2FIjw2UgDn19bj_c1EGU4INTrzMRrrc7xcThfa6RLNtNPnc=h310
  • Calypso – Substratum Theme v2.3 Patched UrB5vIaUQ0rIcC8iJtFbC8Kvz5joAp6KCK-QvMOTwdNek8QF31xMk3fMWWbzemL8WKB_=h310



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