Brake To Die v0.81.1 (Mod Money)

Brake To Die v0.81.1 (Mod Money) brake-to-die-v0-81-1-mod-money

Introducing the new and totally mad way championship format – “Brake to Die”!

In this road rage game, you take control and drive a car contains a bomb. The objective is to survive as long as possible and don’t let the bomb explode. Crash into other vehicles, destroy the environment, make the maximum combo of these actions to get more points and coins! Wreak mayhem on the road! Or you can drive as long as possible carefully avoiding obstacles. Only thing you must remember the bomb attached to your car will explode if you slow down.

Key Features:
► Low poly graphics.
► 50+ different cars
► Rockets!
► Fast-paced, unique road rage game-play
► Different camera view: Top-down or 3rd person.
► Control your car with 4 ways: Default, Tilt, Steering wheel and Arrow buttons.
► Quests and challenges
► Endless randomized world
► Google play services: TOP ladder, achievements
► More to come…

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