Bliss – Icon Pack v1.7.2 Patched

Bliss – Icon Pack v1.7.2 Patched bliss-icon-pack-v1-7-2-patched

Features :
▪ Over 1500 icons a
▪ 20 UHD wallpapers
▪ High Quality Icons – *200px*
▪ Dynamic Calendar Support
▪ Dedicated App to apply theme and change wallpaper
▪ Multi Launcher support ( APEX launcher, NOVA launcher,GO launcher,NEXT launcher,TSF Shell, ADW launcher, ACTION PRO launcher, HOLO launcher And Many more)
▪ Supports Unicon
▪ Extra app drawer icons
▪ Alternate icons (Dark Alternatives also included of some apps)
▪ Weekly Icon Updates

Upcoming Features:
▪ More and More Icons
▪ Clock Widget
▪ Zooper Skin

Features of inbuilt app :
▪Apply theme within the app
▪Wallpaper picker
▪Contact me
▪Request icons
▪Rate theme
and more.

You can always contact me here :

If you have any questions/comments or any requests at all simply email me at and I promise your questions will be answered and requests will be filled. Remember that not everyone uses the same apps, so if you download this and not all of your icons are themed they can be if you simply email me. I fill requests quickly.

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Join my G+ community and stay updated about my work :

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Icons added in updates can be seen here:

Update 1.7.2 (11 Aug 18)
– 91 new icons added (100 new activities)

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  • Bliss – Icon Pack v1.7.2 Patched Ag-Ibpe-T4A-0Pi8MyXZsjo5lRWcFp6TF-LlmYZtTyQEECKrZdgvwCmxAr6l0Ywg_A=h310
  • Bliss – Icon Pack v1.7.2 Patched eCTP6hF5RxbHJEDoxGMSFdQEoQP59LgqskAMxc06LsOdsyHrjsFx_K8-XSL9stKe94s=h310
  • Bliss – Icon Pack v1.7.2 Patched Av2AUWlsQP-teGeqEdydr2I6cqWzIHVgGiKFgFbtn9C96fDAlwWECTpW2l0zmQGQsrQ=h310
  • Bliss – Icon Pack v1.7.2 Patched H_DNQkSRK5lyj-lypq_CfxSyTK9Vm03y6bBU2lnNynqLOm58ZlT7XLZkDvdlZDZKcgU=h310
  • Bliss – Icon Pack v1.7.2 Patched 33Gwl3vAIkAxxSry5fFiRwKYkIOl3GBjBJx8xA9VkwXGhGh1ElrbVhv9cQRk_JWz_Rc=h310
  • Bliss – Icon Pack v1.7.2 Patched v6hvTI65ohCvpYdxCejPvNdjJKdD9X6StVGF3zPWBbLtIP1ep6pkoPIHesHX04NO6w=h310
  • Bliss – Icon Pack v1.7.2 Patched uE2G0oZnxZ8dV1LTF85l4VnW1wtAemqdGJdEsPPcjEBYDiaO0sieAzm5vJcwbd6OZg=h310



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