Birthday Reminder v2.04 Ad Free

Birthday Reminder v2.04 Ad Free birthday-reminder-v2-04-ad-free

Displays upcoming birthdays from your contact list and makes notification on birthday date. With this application you will never forget to greet your friends for their birthdays.

Some users are worried about the required permissions. This is the explanation:

FULL INTERNET ACCESS / VIEW NETWORK STATE: This is for AdMob ads. This permission in combination with READ CONTACT DATA permission allows possible privacy violation. Please trust me, my application will never do that. Thank you.

READ CONTACT DATA: For notification for birthdays of people in your contacts list.

MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS: For backup/restore function.

CONTROL VIBRATOR: For notification by vibration.

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AUTOMATICALLY START AT BOOT: For automatic startup of notification service after device reboot.

If you want to help me to translate this application to your language, please mail me.

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Download: credit viktorovich31


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