BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched

BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched bigblu-substratum-theme-v26-2-patched

BigBlu is now working on Oreo and Nougat custom roms based on AOSP and CM/Lineage. It may work on Stock but is not set up to theme all of the stock resources

☆ As I add more and more apps to BigBlu the more it is becoming a necessity to reboot.
Please reboot after you install or update overlays to set all resources☆


Samsung users, BigBlu may theme some of your user apps, but this theme is meant to run on its own framework for AOSP and CM based roms, it was never built for TW. I may make a TW Theme for Samsung devices, so keep up with me on my Google Plus page. Thank you

You need to be on a rom that has all the latest OMS commits for this theme to fully work. Please use the Big Blu Android System Overlay to get the best overall experience when running this theme. Big Blu was made to run on its own Framework. Go thru the list and check the correct overlay choices for your rom, if you have any issues, choose the other choice in the overlay list.

***Please reboot to get all theme resources to set and update*** Thank you

Big Blu is tested on and fully supports N7.1.1-Oreo 8.0.0 – DU11-11.1-12, RR v5.8.1-5.8.5, Screwd v3.1.1-4.0, AICP12.1-13, GZR Tesla v3.7/Validus v13.7, AEX, OwnROM, and CM14-15 using the Substratum Theme Engine. Big Blu should work across many different roms and devices. If you have any issues after applying the theme, please use the Substratum Rescue zip or the Substratum Rescue Legacy zip. You can also go into recovery and navigate to the .substratum folder and delete the ” current_overlays.xml ” or the individual overlay that is causing issues in data/app and reboot.

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☆For Gboard to theme use v6.1.171 or lower and choose Material Dark. If you want my buttons/keys to show enable key borders in settings☆

☆Themed Apps☆

☆Changelog and a List of all System, User and Google apps included☆ … sp=sharing

If you notice something that needs fixing, or if BB is missing icons for your favorite rom, send me an email at

Installing After installing Big Blu allow the Substratum app to completely build the themes cache. This theme has 0ver 100 apps themed and it will take a few to fully install.

Updating If you run into any issues while updating Big Blu or any other Substratum Theme, Un-Install the theme and clear the Substratum apps cache and data. Give all permissions to the Substratum app and Re-Install the theme.

☆Changelog☆ … sp=sharing

Thank you

Daveyannihilation, for helping me get my Substratum theme started. Please check out his theme Domination.
Nicholas Chum, the code Master and creator of Substratum.
These guys are such an asset to the Android community

Big Shout out and Thank you to,
The Code Sicario’s, you know who you are.
Bryan, Davey and Train88 from TBO, check out all their goodies
XDA, its a great place to learn and share.

Thank you to the big “G”- Google, for Android OS, and all the great apps they build for us on the Google Play Store.


Oreo/Pie 26.2 Nougat v10.2
ADDED QuickStep/Launcher3

G Dialer
Play Services
G Plus
G Translate
G Messenger Tweaks
G News Light and DarkMode
Play Store
YouTube DarkMode
G Contacts

This app has no advertisements


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  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched NImkjzpXekY1WEdnvX57caimOxCH85ZYLb9fLNQ_FG3PsypJsP03O0CFAIkZpFjVcpom=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched n3FzbS2IgeXBOIYhK8i432Rzup9HDIIEwyIrmWMhyKZIZ7yzO63tCiaErBsak1tbqg=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched syAYNe8VtxpsbnWBXc7y51ghp2xWdv635DEGlKGb4XWTrm4RBjZoifL55VWybify1oU=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched SLDs6rdNVQUozFT8e1g97lpZR-sEc2XqgiBm-sTglCPD-2p7a3TolWVdJUj6x0wMLxRG=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched 2aZDWmXlwUIGGWXW_eFV6cR_vk88x5dS9LqAvYcS2J2ctXDnBBcup4xRfR4sVdCIyQ=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched 8UjbnsG1oIIfuA5jWQQXsBMKGRDdTYtrT00-KHm_L2POaswG7umOMqHcOumONtKjpU8=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched gpxh1i3hJe5AgLcJ0Lsvzm39m_7tV0-RgTcGX1DbgyltG0t8aKFTTS0TgjNSVui87rji=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched XDNDX3tXcKvUdOnyhlUJ48MQcji0wAM21IHTw7EQ-YL5FV4114OP_4ALhTu71ruGNg=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched --sqxZW7ClMR7GtoROMXThXURcN9z9ligv91YcU6UGQ3WYp806Ts-MQfKjEo4xHHvQ=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched zrX6vF8n_u41kMsqSMJ5hUpFdw6XGqqoAuGMPUWEqCGEuIAOAnX7HP_7GQuNSr5SItzr=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched 8JrUtUwpMPqavkeVh8po-T8r0vg2QqBiDDZP53w5c2StOVVnH6oDAR5TWiAmRwpdfQ=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched nvghxUeyxaas5KYCLJ1Cf0msiNj-xP3f5Y6NZaZgNpAVv8bUF3IFqJcTI25zHqvCGC4K=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched 33qa4DisbyVHfmNHxzaBpvycBoxstc2FUiXfFd5yglmAWlGbDRpnsIwjA7qp69zGbi0=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched ygwBgjhbILklU2uzCBgGaRa9em237j_UhobQVWAGN37uo7NbP9boGmzN1bsqQDNJ5A=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched GfHRi0DMZ8-cRMdfvh1Dv1z7BKckY4br6a5SbD61u64pckCXKIzFiWx711GlbxNc3TA=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched 30wiPjBBKjQgjMh_WScUVkF_Wsy8Pg0bKhHxNJFHulcOrb-g8HMxaeUs1E8Z-_EyTGc=h310
  • BigBlu Substratum Theme v26.2 Patched vfiUEHkeQFoVX3mRPRp4W6g4zpeDLXRdy_goWSx9p6FxEGlVxyqaNrhoePf-CAwr3w=h310



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