Backdrops – Wallpapers v4.0.5 Pro

Backdrops – Wallpapers v4.0.5 Pro backdrops-wallpapers-v4-01-pro-3

Sift through hundreds of original wallpapers hand crafted in house by the the Backdrops team. Enjoy exclusive walls designed specifically for your devices. You won’t find these backgrounds in any other app.

Let’s Get Social
Join in on the action and upload wallpapers yourself. Share your own pieces of work or photography. Only high quality original submissions will be approved for the Community tab. The Backdrops team will be side by side with you sharing high quality public domain photos.

Wall of the Day
Come back every day for a new treat. This is where we showcase newly created backdrops, or just some of our favorites. Contact us if you want your own original work in the spotlight.

Premium Collections
Unlock bonus collections to gain access to even more original designs. These collections will be updated along with the Explore section. More backdrops equals a happier you.

Click some hearts and build a collection of your own. Have all your favorites handy for quick access. Combine with Muzei to have your favorites rotating as your wallpaper based on your time of preference.

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Sync Your Favs
Sign in with Google to sync your collection of favorites across multiple devices.

Stunning UI
Fall in love with an app designed with Material in mind. Open up Backdrops continually for some daily eye candy.

Go Pro
Going Pro unlocks extra features, including a completely ad-free experience, and the ability to save ‘Explore’ wallpapers. This also unlocks the Pro Pack which is a collection of exclusive backgrounds that we’ll continuously be updating with new designs. Access to future Pro features are also covered.

Updated Daily
We’ll be constantly designing new backdrops for you. This means new high quality content within the app every day.


• Splash Screen.
• Refined app icon.

This app has no advertisements


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  • Backdrops – Wallpapers v4.0.5 Pro B9elCOPhsfZ-IdSK6sTVm4h1uPoY9RVOouB7qghA4Xlgt7ZllhhreGVcovfx9vUYVQ=h310
  • Backdrops – Wallpapers v4.0.5 Pro 4KgozdGGHE9gy80rRJZatX7bTzOYCyS8p-q39xxrbvuPx6ALlpkw6ElmloxdWfFVMR0=h310
  • Backdrops – Wallpapers v4.0.5 Pro DhM4AU2J-sdA33FaVEOMmQdLdEZ5XXQaJrZayf-mllVycJI9BxGxQ4vhuEv2kCP2YlH3=h310
  • Backdrops – Wallpapers v4.0.5 Pro QNumLU1IHZ84EzN4tNOG517n8VjbefXuLJnLBWJRMRhDKKwMJmdDytgOeDRrCJ4Xmftv=h310
  • Backdrops – Wallpapers v4.0.5 Pro 7JEkW8lb8RQA-IC5efaEdvazMwuJn3ai9e8AKOsak1cRt6-_e3FwW9jF_EFAMedkALM=h310
  • Backdrops – Wallpapers v4.0.5 Pro 2OYkDBbIpdqkLClXrXboWzbO-nHqbsjbZm_nQ119wpxUEAJXWZ7Eq31P6bRlYDkMOiA=h310
  • Backdrops – Wallpapers v4.0.5 Pro K6Q1AdpbsnJOhDVJT4b1VDEQBhm5aZH9x7rNhGJRukDpJuoMXlJsfkHqEVrUscYQiKo=h310
  • Backdrops – Wallpapers v4.0.5 Pro DNK7FFQm6z9nbSw_x0A3202OmTeLC6-7lnc01ESjH6Lrfp07i76kNAA-2zMTNpkMx2s=h310
  • Backdrops – Wallpapers v4.0.5 Pro kORtnDJesIhtWkfFhvfKCBNW06pCpVQSKMxo8R1D8NXP-C5GGokjpaxgM86McYRmJn8=h310
  • Backdrops – Wallpapers v4.0.5 Pro DuZqCjRDB2XIe3BHWhuJX6jvLqB_RQiygKmmu6uo5pSQsvQTOFmttBU1lCFh-FrwfAiW=h310
  • Backdrops – Wallpapers v4.0.5 Pro _tJPXTxkOCOv29gtsHQXxsBWYyaUGcD33Z92MmRqc9UFlz9RQnRPAMsWx68LvaOwCBz2=h310

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