Axent Icon Pack v8.07.08 Patched

Axent Icon Pack v8.07.08 Patched axent-icon-pack-v8-07-08-patched

There are different reasons. With a small amount of 1$ [the price of a coffee, which I need to stay awake at night drawing icons] you have something unique, which no other icon pack, especially free, could ever give to you.

• 300 new icons every month
• You can request an infinite number of icons, without any restriction or number limit, from the dasboard directly with 2 simple taps
• Requests are fullfilled into 2/3 days max
• Frequent updates [to add new requests in a faster schedule, you don’t have to wait weeks/months to see your requests added into the icon pack]
• Email open to everyone who has suggestions or icon customization [I always reply 24/7]

You won’t ever have all of this with any other icon pack.
You are not only buying a simple app in the Play Store. With 1€ you gain trust and professionality of a designer and developer, which will help you customize your device in the exact way you want it to be.

This icon pack only works on custom launchers [Nova, Apex, etc.], it’s not compatible with Google Pixel Launcher, Google Now Launcher and all other launchers [mainly stock ones] which don’t allow customization of icons via app.
Please before leaving a bad review, make sure that your device has a custom launcher installed and working, or that the one you have do support icons customization. You can still send me an email asking for support or for any question.
More infos in the compatibility section:

• 2400+ icons in XXXHDPI 192×192px
• Dynamic calendar
• 28 app drawer icons
• 44 Cloud wallpapers in QUXGA+ resolution [3200×2560 pixel], all brand new and original
• Powerful dashboard app built with latest Google material design
• Ultra-fast icon search with category support to replace individual icons
• Easy tap-to-send icon request
• Wallpaper manager to apply or save to your device
• Auto-apply to most popular launchers

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✔ Nova
✔ Apex
✔ Aviate
✔ Action
✔ Lucid
✔ Evie
✔ Go Launcher
✔ Holo Launcher
✔ Smart Launcher
✔ Next Launcher
✔ CMTE [attraverso la personalizzazione temi > icone]
✔ Unicon
• All other Launchers which let you manually change the apps icon.

If you cannot find your launcher within the app list, then there’s no problem. You can still manually apply the icon pack. Simply go into your launcher settings and choose the option to change/customize your apps icons.

Complete Changelog:

How to request missing icons
Open the app then swipe from left edge of the screen to the right, select Request icons and mark the icons you want me to add to the icon pack. Send me and email with the automatic tool through your favourite email client.

For any feedback or suggestion:

A special thank you goes to Jahir Fiquitiva, the developer who allowed me to use his wonderful IconShowcase Dashboard, released under CC BY-SA 4.0 Int’l license.


– iconpack: added 56 new icons

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  • Axent Icon Pack v8.07.08 Patched CMggAZ3wlvWxSLnwiJy7VN4iuM-d86aaCOPZrL4ih60ZN6DN2qej_TVfnclSS5QsK9V7=h310
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  • Axent Icon Pack v8.07.08 Patched NX9hB1psDa9Z89N6OKzIRaPAYUVkEik8KBIiEdF8Pyas-ArWKBZLPthXvZ4GIDQXhvQ=h310
  • Axent Icon Pack v8.07.08 Patched 6TC9xEo6_erpzd4n-lBt1N30mwIvcyxglejkFikoYSeU32yW0uwR5rGQyTg_XvoE2G6o=h310
  • Axent Icon Pack v8.07.08 Patched 5OOXXcSJ2ZS8593QNSO4oAh-TgYDUXbsymuE8rkVYBEhBJ_r1DAps2i2UAU-KglB9A=h310
  • Axent Icon Pack v8.07.08 Patched 7hBdBorjbqPQ7BHF-bJnX6R_7r5uVBfUW8N1HpnVGLRYpHNyUx-M3cXbRinT_pOi3VY=h310



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