AutoMate – Car Dashboard v2.0.5 Premium

AutoMate – Car Dashboard v2.0.5 Premium automate-car-dashboard-2-0-2-premium

Basic features
• Maps – Search for directions and launch your favorite navigation app for turn-by-turn directions.
• Places – Search for nearby places such as gas stations and restaurants, with one click.
• Phone – Call your favorite contacts, see call log, and easily dial a number
• Messaging – Send and reply to SMS messages, hands free replying available for many popular messaging apps
• Voice – Take control of the app through voice commands for navigation, music, and more
• Contextual Information – Receive weather updates, see recent searches, receive speed limit alerts, and more
• Media Control – Control many popular media apps using buttons or gestures
• Shortcuts – Keep your favorite apps and Android shortcuts at your fingertips. Includes quick settings toggles.
• Data – View real-time engine data from an OBDII adapter with Torque integration.

Premium Features
• Set AutoMate as a launcher while it is running
• Hands free gestures! Wave your hand over the device to perform different actions
• Traffic camera alerts, never get a red light or speed camera ticket again!
• Customize wallpapers for day and night themes
• Startup options to make AutoMate even more effortless to use

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AutoMate is powered by PathSense:

• This app uses the Device Administrator permission. It is used to automatically lock the screen, if that option is enabled. Otherwise, we do not request this permission.
• This app uses Accessibility services. We request this permission on devices older than Android 4.4 to mirror certain notifications on AutoMate’s home screen.
• Other permissions used explained in more detail here:


– AutoMate Maps navigation now supports multiple languages
– AutoMate Maps navigation now shows multiple routes
– Added ability to delete settings created by AutoMate in Google Drive
– Bug fixes

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