ASR Free MP3 voice and audio recorder v94 Pro

ASR Free MP3 voice and audio recorder v94 Pro asr-free-mp3-voice-and-audio-recorder-v90-pro-3

FREE and without any limitations on the recording time!

Here are some of the features of ASR:

Lots of recording formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, MP4, 3GP
Sample and bitrate options for better control of recording quality
Dedicated pause recording button
Dedicated discard recording button
Customizable recording folder
Voice Activated Recording (Sound monitor mode) (Pro)
Plus and minus gain mode to increase or decrease volume of recording (Pro)
Cloud integration with Dropbox, Google Drive (Pro)
Auto email option to send recordings via email (Pro)
Delete and share multiple recordings
Record and play recordings while app is in the background
Pause and resume while recording
Echo cancellation mode
Auto start recording
Recording widget for quick and easy access
Very sensitive VU meter
Ability to search recordings
Rename file prompt after recording (Pro)
7 and 10 inch tablet optimization
Multiple languages

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Welcome to a brand new, almost completely rewritten version of ASR.

New Notes: Add notes during recording or play to remind yourself important parts of your recording
New Tags: Easily organise recordings by creating Tags,
New Cloud services: Improved Cloud service support including using your own server with WebHooks
New Recording List: We have vastly improved recording list sorting, grouping and search.
New Player: Brand new ASR Player can play any audio on your device

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