Arc Launcher Pro v9.8 Patched

Arc Launcher Pro v9.8 Patched arc-launcher-pro-v9-7-patched-aosp-1

=====PRO FEATURES=====
-Full DIY(DO IT YOURSELF) Customizations makes you choose anything anytime for your phone with your feel
-No Irritating Ads , enjoy Arc Launcher without Ads , make it your permanent launcher , use it like anything
-Futuristic Arc Music Player will make you listen songs again and again
-You can now enjoy Arc Launcher in full Mode with Arc Pro
-Now save your daily key notes with Arc launcher , you don’t have to install any other 3rd party app for that , arc launcher will make it easy for you to note down you notes daily.
-Icon Packs with Arc will make you fall in love with your phone because with Arc Launcher Icons looks more lovely and classy compare to other launcher , use any icon pack with arc as Arc is compatible with all icons packs maker
-Add System Widgets on home to any number
-Arc Dialer – Unique phone dialer app integrated with your arc
-Animations – cool and crazy animations to make you feel fresh all the day
-ARC Voice Assistant(JARVISE)
Arc assistant always takes your commands seriously and performs many operations, you can change wallpapers , themes, app open , add folder and app to home , perform calculations , uninstall and manage apps , google/playstore search ,reset arc launcher and more.

ABOUT ARC LAUNCHER(Detailed Features List)
Designed and created in a way to suit all your needs with classiness and elegant features .You never have used anything like this before.No irritating Ads & dialogs , no useless features , easy & clean with futuristic feel. .Say bye bye to confusing launchers .Stay Well Stay organized

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*49+ Language Support
*App Locker
*Hide Apps
*Quick Torch
*Weather Updates
*World News Update
*Quick Notes
*Calendar,Performance Centre
*Home Customization & Folders
*Drag & Drop you apps on home screen from all apps , make folders of your choice
*ARC Phone Booster
*ARC Smart Search
*App Sorting
*Battery Saver Mode
*Network & System Info on HOME Screen
*Multiple Gestures

Safest & Secured Launcher
We take permissions for contacts but we don’t even store with us thats why we are safest and secured launcher on android playstore.

——Features coming soon—
*Custom App Icons
*Notification Badges


Arc Launcher Pro. No Ads and all features enabled

● No Patcher/GPM Needed
● Analytics Disabled
● AOSP Compatible

This app has no advertisements


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  • Arc Launcher Pro v9.8 Patched qKAk16eSIQAyWpegLVIIPCub23poJjdrWOSOtcri__fakJm5sqh_pAdikLUA9f1x_A=h310



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