Anoo Icon v1.0.9 Patched

Anoo Icon v1.0.9 Patched anoo-icon-beta-v1-0-6-patched-3

NOTE: This is Beta release and it is still under development, so please do not give low ratings, Thank you.


1. Vector based with high quality icons
2. XXXHDPI (256px)
3. Cloud wallpapers
4. Dynamic calendar support
5. Icon Request Tool. (currently disabled in beta version)
6. Frequent updates


– To use this icon pack you need a launcher with support for themes like Nova, Apex, ADW that allows you to apply icons, supported launchers are mentioned below
– If you have any issues, simply email me and i will try to respond as soon as possible


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Version 1.0.9
– Added 100 icons
– Enable icon request, if you find problem with this tool you may also send request through bugs report

This app has no advertisements


  • Anoo Icon v1.0.9 Patched KAYqTImPQKRJ_rN1AnekyEzarwfzQmbXpjTlNPLQKVJheb1M8F4qSRrTi1pIsjeUTYw=h310
  • Anoo Icon v1.0.9 Patched C2dCf8uzSRyvr5KJvip-EzlZ0uBrY4j9EUiTSf1Z4NaWt3jaH2BxwdteOM5bGaXpkw=h310
  • Anoo Icon v1.0.9 Patched Bano8F3-HjWiRHoJiofRFyivaFTvxwZvucDah7qPizSLBj-8j2FMwBP2WugtCDduI4A=h310
  • Anoo Icon v1.0.9 Patched WfP3CPFpeswqFt1XmqCUQJHflxK4kaoowVt1agNpljfluPSBr1QLVBEBT44ccc-igAwj=h310
  • Anoo Icon v1.0.9 Patched 8sYBUulkP0Wq8s4W5Dk_zldoDGaGu8ubPJnpGZerfhcdBAuubnlUI9R4yh-dkupr6ZE=h310
  • Anoo Icon v1.0.9 Patched yXCjlx17EG1yrFc27_p6I0G4SgHJaEB7SebH9-_HyT1poleoNsajW9sIpEQ1-5lwCL8=h310
  • Anoo Icon v1.0.9 Patched UqUFdDQ_D46C1l_7_OVXlX4qAJE8d0S3XMpeS5jvOtwUNc7YRsD0rdK_Udh1NuTL5q8=h310
  • Anoo Icon v1.0.9 Patched Lvc161GHt0IBOGopBxQWXk2i0UcnU6qZdr___FP8DP-pWObvNI6mHmV6ybXdzAd-o9eQ=h310



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