Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod

Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod angry-birds-match-v1-5-1-mega-mod

Leave it to the pigs to rain on the birds’ parade, but with help of Angry Birds, Red, Bomb, and Chuck, the Hatchlings just might get the party back on track! However, it’s going to take a lot of matching, a wide variety of outfits, and heaps of help from you too. Match items in groups of three or more to pop the piggies and get the Hatchlings all geared up for fun!

– Simple, fun, and casual match three gameplay!
– Match 4 or more items and bring out the Angry Birds!
– Meet over 50 delightfully darling Hatchlings!
– Over 350 fun and challenging levels, and more to come!
– Different challenging puzzles await – pop pigs, collect delicious treats, and more!
– Find the Hatchlings to earn valuable gifts!
– Visit the Hatchlings to try out new outfits, or just say hello!
– Use cool Boosters to best even the trickiest of levels.
– Connect to Facebook to synchronize your progress!
– Play offline!
– Warning: Critical levels of cuteness.

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Angry Birds Match is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.

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1. 80 Moves
2. Unlimited Lives (Show 55)
3. Unlimited Coins (Show 55555)
4. Unlimited Gems (Show 55555)
5. Unlimited Red And Chuck Boosters (Show 55)
6. Unlimited Bomb Boosters (Show 55)
7. Unlimited Red Chuck Bomb Boosters (Show 55)
8. Unlimited Terence Boosters (Show 55)
9. Extra Moves Set 5 To 55
10. Extra Moves Cost Set 0

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  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod zyxnlAkwQNBKQicsldCeXEQOwU7WQb0sGIGbwJGmriw7KhAr679NVRBFOrovVnNIiI38=h310
  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod 0pkjY_jbmiFrhxon8xNbGbV3UZna-bZecyhItG_oMc8ZGDxaJD_u2sIyBkTD_RNkhQ=h310
  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod 6cgVrpWzvt_0ANQa8m0SX9BkmcpFJ2JAd2qDQbDoz6OKQhGzPlIdeRU2T1G1YMQjEaU=h310
  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod 8qI4M7mlEXLr9JM2M6LaJM8WmKh2kC6U59-F1rnjv4lqNk95WBnfyP_QQ5twx_EbQg=h310
  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod s6VvLDvTTr_GE05YTz5q4YKQbN2U5JVTI2docp7Cp-LjXz-PGpDrifWEM507gJq8RdiA=h310
  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod vBUJMRWrCPPQxZeWboE6nhENaatU1ozZ5r9McZO0osSg9gZbkEYZYNOb25wgEMizrKw=h310
  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod jnsUv37R1MC0qFZiJj8ngjF05AiXa3Fn-_Aan864KlfH2w_9wyJtVRp2mJWAMdn78rE=h310
  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod U03GThU0zYkEBZPgne_T4O0y19j_XZw-AiZlG-VAzkkpTbbwyysy1eOoln1HsDClIQ=h310
  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod SR0r0L6AwFmkSMFBGykYAMm6YuYzWLEOFPFqsujbt8H5Pw4FnhUV4l_GRIyrYAXCxw=h310
  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod iVi8_mKyhlOglC-J2V6QzQP-K0sKOYZw9178gFqTatIM4EmovCYzB-RWqJUYN5_X_RU=h310
  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod mNKiPK0cbbpeXSpRSckGVDGVtuujRoVrm_jQ2Q-ihaXlLGUk8ar-duvO9sDiIW5XZQ=h310
  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod NRh0PQJupTHZBO69F6IBjNBbQPjYblBR5wPba3JY15l1yXYz4OI6yw1CXOgzo3n4iQM=h310
  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod 5TI7rpszUl5j2I_38oTVO3-6pCPxVH27wE2C8mp2Lyqgzm6SK819TCqcjAZwsyn3rOA=h310
  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod ixASDvlXnVK-fo1jY77rExJs656AqdaYGCspioYSNnQBhaAJ3XhloUpo_aozdJ7y-IA=h310
  • Angry Birds Match v1.5.1 Mega Mod GgbQMobWddredEqRGPGig_EIRdhnjFJwawC79lzddZVjXrnlE1jb9WSDIGAMbAGYqO4=h310



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