Amaze Infinite v1.1 (Paid)

Amaze Infinite v1.1 (Paid) amaze-infinite-v1-1-paid

Amaze Infinite offers greater depth by building mazes in 3 dimensions to challenge even the sharpest puzzle-solving minds.Mazes are populated by monsters, who can be overcome by collecting scrolls and telling jokes. Monsters don’t chase you – they simply block your path until you bring them a joke.

New jokes are added every week – to suggest a joke, tweet @rogueelement

3 Modes:

Challenge mode mazes have up to 5 floors – the ultimate test of your maze-solving skills!

Casual mode has a maximum of 2 floors, but enough monsters to offer a moderate challenge and plenty of laughs.

Classic mode offers no – nonsense, traditional mazes.

Amaze Infinite can be played offline, needs no data or permissions, and contains no ads or in-app purchases.

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Tweaked dungeon textures,
Fixed bug bug in music queue causing crashes

This app has no advertisements


  • Amaze Infinite v1.1 (Paid) 6KgPPpNBaHBevmagcpJ9ImAhXNvkkoDjfIaoSLjOQdt-2hyC86HMvUFAplHnaVqvkmmT=h310
  • Amaze Infinite v1.1 (Paid) 6eUYxgu7DJNP38VhqJXhajx-p9drdaYgbMr4Pe_j2X9mcb23GDIpZ7rJElZt83lK93w=h310
  • Amaze Infinite v1.1 (Paid) c7wt61ZtRdswHSLrXkcEif6MGPE0vlz_ia7dTaAVvb2gEiukhbKFSvAhkMnAuKq66A=h310
  • Amaze Infinite v1.1 (Paid) KK224GKIx8-KxXVgcuycSk_upNSFq6KdM3xJJ0ShIiNB23GKuqa-2mLdBj_B76DhW-f9=h310
  • Amaze Infinite v1.1 (Paid) 09sB0AH0fbWEwMqExmx0-vo74YGtv99_LxCgocl3xEBNopV522AGnyXxZEgSdxfH9c8=h310
  • Amaze Infinite v1.1 (Paid) bVblRW20aAb07RZVJT8fTLQhgeo1w2qZz6JOoHG-bLQBT2pceYv0ov6gk08dvRF9aQ=h310
  • Amaze Infinite v1.1 (Paid) PVt5zWo3zq8H83hGQL95tntEy-TaoMZWQUXhsvPrKmvrF7_e4f4BZfZAdQrm-G3Bh0hT=h310
  • Amaze Infinite v1.1 (Paid) hloP_-sgYNcj-LUD7ruCXRs9Ms5WREXcRYQhshcu6OdK1tbKYIge-iaT_YqJ1RzkTo0=h310



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