Alarm Clock PRO v9.1.3 PRO Paid

Alarm Clock PRO v9.1.3 PRO Paid alarm-clock-pro-v9-1-pro-paid-4

What’s more in PRO version:
– You support small developer to develop this great app
– Annual/Birthday/Anniversary alarm
– “Any alarm” can be repeated “every month”
– No ads (no app crashes, lower battery usage)
– Full alarm profiles support
– Shake to snooze
– Alarm fullscreen mode
– Snooze count up to 100
– Cyclic alarm repeat up to 90 days
– Dropbox synchronization
– Widgets are resizeable (>= Android 3.1).
– Widgets can be placed on lockscreen (>= Android 4.2).
Alarm categories:
– Quick – make a note/alarm with two simple clicks
– Everyday – runs everyday
– Work days – runs on selected work days
– Cyclic – runs every x-th day
– Timer – simple timer (countdown) alarm
– Any – calendar selection
– Annual – birthday, anniversary ( PRO only)
– alarm profiles
– standard “Dismiss/snooze button”, math problem or arrange/complete quotation.
– digital and analog clock widget
– gentle alarm – increasing ringtone mode, custom snooze length or count and more…
– designed for tablets and phones
– READ_PHONE_STATE – to detect incoming phone call and snooze alarm.
– RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – to set alarms after phone start.
– ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, INTERNET – checking for new app version.
– WRITE(READ)_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – backup/restore settings.
– WAKE_LOCK – to wake device and show alert window on time (without this permission alarms won’t work until device screen is
turned on)
– DISABLE_KEYGUARD – disable screen lock when alarm starts (works only for standard slide to unlock pattern).
– VIBRATE – vibrate during alarm.


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9.1.x (+ bug fixes)
The possibility of setting the alarm at dawn / sunrise / sunset / dusk with the option of moving by +/- 2 hours – only the PRO version has been added.
The operations on the database have been improved.
Some settings were not restored from the copy.
Improved loading of widget list data on Android 8+ after device reboot.

This app has no advertisements


  • Alarm Clock PRO v9.1.3 PRO Paid YAcemm8XxK_qfWyP7vlJlyoXzdt5XonmhNAJ43BY4hscAbjf3ZD57AVIcF28NTvKwQE=h310
  • Alarm Clock PRO v9.1.3 PRO Paid AglBFgoaev_gpdlMlKaVx6SjvMpDc8SuJ8Lb9V5tTblffIZ0z2FABaiCL6j5eCX5cQ=h310
  • Alarm Clock PRO v9.1.3 PRO Paid L6HDH05Vs9C3hT870qqXC9K5VIdZLthDl1e5Fzfvu40UZdtTQzWzE55SpziC2EfJ4RA=h310
  • Alarm Clock PRO v9.1.3 PRO Paid J_w0V6s2aONU0qd8Gp5yxRfrkE1lrQcpxHK8MZM9fVOLE1hmOZle_YVn4sDuJj1NJIo=h310
  • Alarm Clock PRO v9.1.3 PRO Paid cbY-rw16mSWDCsEzzVG7qY3IiYj_4ZxHsHg6Fn4i_fEav_2apTd3vT7OOpP6wLTAamOx=h310
  • Alarm Clock PRO v9.1.3 PRO Paid 0Yejvt67nosX0lDi9KoIX6LUBjVRvpOAXSvDZsbaSpUukn-xN4qbLoBo7QUV6nahd2r0=h310
  • Alarm Clock PRO v9.1.3 PRO Paid 8ZaPCc_1JQqABzHZecCU6BqOukkr77gsFnG8nWVF5Z7ZJ9ND4H45N7QRp_6_PucZA7w=h310



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