Alarm clock PRO v9.1.2 PRO Patched

Alarm clock PRO v9.1.2 PRO Patched alarm-clock-pro-v9-1-pro-paid-3

What’s more in PRO version:
– You support small developer to develop this great app
– Annual/Birthday/Anniversary alarm
– “Any alarm” can be repeated “every month”
– No ads (no app crashes, lower battery usage)
– Full alarm profiles support
– Shake to snooze
– Alarm fullscreen mode
– Snooze count up to 100
– Cyclic alarm repeat up to 90 days
– Dropbox synchronization
– Widgets are resizeable (>= Android 3.1).
– Widgets can be placed on lockscreen (>= Android 4.2).
Alarm categories:
– Quick – make a note/alarm with two simple clicks
– Everyday – runs everyday
– Work days – runs on selected work days
– Cyclic – runs every x-th day
– Timer – simple timer (countdown) alarm
– Any – calendar selection
– Annual – birthday, anniversary ( PRO only)
– alarm profiles
– standard “Dismiss/snooze button”, math problem or arrange/complete quotation.
– digital and analog clock widget
– gentle alarm – increasing ringtone mode, custom snooze length or count and more…
– designed for tablets and phones
– READ_PHONE_STATE – to detect incoming phone call and snooze alarm.
– RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – to set alarms after phone start.
– ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, INTERNET – checking for new app version.
– WRITE(READ)_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – backup/restore settings.
– WAKE_LOCK – to wake device and show alert window on time (without this permission alarms won’t work until device screen is
turned on)
– DISABLE_KEYGUARD – disable screen lock when alarm starts (works only for standard slide to unlock pattern).
– VIBRATE – vibrate during alarm.


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9.1.x (+ bug fixes)
Added option to set alarm at dawn/sunrise/sunset/dusk time with +/- 2 hours shift – PRO version only.
Fixed database operations.
Some settings weren’t restored from backup.
Fixed list widget data loading on Android 8+ after device restart.

This app has no advertisements


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  • Alarm clock PRO v9.1.2 PRO Patched yH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw=h310



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