Aivy – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched

Aivy – Icon Pack v3.6 [Patched]
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Description: Unique, colorful and Vibrant. Welcome to Aivy.

Aivy – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched aivy-icon-pack-v3-5-patched

• IconShowcase dashboard app by Jahir Fiquitiva
• Icons by Max Patchs
• 1011 Handcrafted Vector Icons and Growing Weekly
• 1200 Themed Activities
• 19 KWGT Widgets
• 6 Zooper Widgets
• Dynamic Calendar icons
• 20 Cloud wallpapers
• Support for many launchers and CM Theme Engine
• Muzei Live Wallpaper support
• Request Tool
• Huge Weekly Updates

Icons specifications:
• 192x192px resolution
• OEMs system icons themed: Asus, Blackberry, Cyanogen, HTC, Huawei, LG, Miui (Xiaomi), Meziu, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Mediatek, ZTE, Vivo, Samsung & Sony
• Different types of backgrounds like square, rectangular, circular, and other, plus Free-form icons

Recommended launcher settings:
• Icons size set to 120%
• Icon normalization feature disabled
• App Drawer Background Color #1a3a4a

Corvy works with:
• Evie Launcher
• CM Theme Engine
• Nova Launcher
• ADW Launcher
• Action Launcher
• Apex Launcher
• Atom Launcher
• Aviate Launcher
• Go Launcher
• Holo Launcher
• KK Launcher
• L Launcher
• Lucid Launcher
• Mini Launcher
• Next Launcher
• S Launcher
• Solo Launcher
• TSF Launcher
• Unicon Pro

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Join my Google+ community made for this icon pack, where you can get help, see what icons will be included in future releases, share your, or see others awesome homescreen setups and many more!

Widgets designed by Edwin Macalopu, Aditya Soni, Arabi Ishaque and Max Patchs.

Special thanks to Jahir Fiquitiva for open sourced icon pack dashboard app


– 14 New icons.

This app has no advertisements


  • Aivy – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched bstnxF35oZ2CUSGHuSCHEZrPbWjpIduyM9nCbjukhYEboVH7Gk4ZLfAfuTM-Vs8PAg=h310
  • Aivy – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched f2BPDdcMWe9yvenP1w4IwNwOvsvmZoRealm9UPeL_ojFK0ST8FnhTqNLByvXYhnIIJxA=h310
  • Aivy – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched ka_A0-4SjXEtBdt2bM_lAdTSOxFdktyBMbFdxKxOHi4AgrOy4pxoYtYqg6_C5GEaatM=h310
  • Aivy – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched 42_FIJPKhBv4Tarb-_0vqxeCyXkrEWoo9zK-KdApHtowvAsMdn2_3rikQTwujVhhSA=h310
  • Aivy – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched oSM2OxJ3a8Ml2_yIdPOaxwP0BB2Pt41--hP7m3IscVymLCGZtN0jWmtHelgH6O1yyYc=h310
  • Aivy – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched -ei96JzaKr1XaDS9-ZlRvfDCjEAGvTM5yPe3IMN1O3h-P853w6PjGCm4SwVZWXkF__U=h310
  • Aivy – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched SN285u0C2Nfi5y1WVNtBNLGML4IySHDXKIiXJLD_G7lsXiYJpok97lnrTOhXJKABlw=h310
  • Aivy – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched 15-lppT06MDn62EgQWLpE8sZDqwTNQxxe8ioW7NYiseX6davuTINm03XvHTlCeaVmn-D=h310
  • Aivy – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched Y-bnGjZIL42AnBB_shBoQx9K-dVFIHP_p8LBjBHTHmvTXO6YSkIQ48AlzeZOop7Rjw=h310
  • Aivy – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched eO89WOPMrr6UpzA1_0wC_0KD4Or6akYROIkllPlQdm67oh_L1t3_gWwgUMp1Zf5xdA=h310
  • Aivy – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched uOxwIEmt_NGqbk8D3YzFwE7-GbXxqNe8doopRf9AYp6X7nAfRBCFlUcQCMmSAolBByk=h310



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