AIO Launcher v1.15.9 Premium

AIO Launcher v1.15.9 Premium aio-launcher-premium-v1-9-5-unlocked

AIO Launcher is not ordinary home screen. It does not have colorful icons, many animation effects and a variety of themes. Instead, AIO Launcher uses a screen space to show you the most important information.

AIO Launcher can display the following information on the screen:

* Weather – current weather and forecast for 10 days;
* System monitor – RAM and NAND usage, percentage of battery power;
* Notifications – Standard android notifications (paid);
* Player – when you turn on the music, playback control buttons appear;
* Frequent apps – frequently used applications buttons;
* Frequent contacts – the list of recent contacts;
* Your apps – the icons of the selected applications (paid);
* SMS – recently received SMS;
* Dialer – numpad for quick calls;
* Timer – timer start buttons;
* Mail – list of received emails;
* Telegram – last messages (paid);
* RSS – latest news;
* Twitter – all tweets or a single user tweets;
* Calendar – upcoming events in the calendar;
* Exchange rates – currency exchange rates;
* Bitcoin – the bitcoin price;
* Android widget – standard app widgets (paid).

* To add the Android widget, long press search button and select the “+” icon;
* To resize the widget, hold the finger on the widget, then use the up and down buttons;
* To access the list of all applications, drag from the left edge of the screen;
* To refresh the information on the screen, pull down;
* Hold finger on various elements of the screen to open menu;
* To open settings, hold your finger on the search button, and then click the gear icon;
* Hold the title of the widget to move it around;
* Any widget can be disabled in settings;
* You can minimize the widget by clicking on its name;
* To remove an application, open the application menu, hold your finger on the desired application, and drag it to the recycle bin icon.

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How to connect to Gmail:

Go to the gmail settings, then “POP / IMAP Forwarding”, then “Enable IMAP”.

How to connect to Outlook: … rification

How to set as default launcher on a Huawei smartphone:

Settings – Applications – Settings – Default applications – Settings – Manager – AIO Launch

* Option to open weather in Google Feed (Google Now)
* Option to open application on fingerprint/double tap/shake action

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  • AIO Launcher v1.15.9 Premium EswVyzWyKLd91UxqSRoNR8HbwGs0DMn58EdEx-CiSHWyXF3q3cxmVn33AWPVtlUvRpk=h310
  • AIO Launcher v1.15.9 Premium b8hGWzmj1MN8C4-VVXJXR90u9rJVDrsDaNUYqfZrSb_FCv5xEALxkU_lrrcM09J3Qw=h310
  • AIO Launcher v1.15.9 Premium Gb1AdUj29vtjfktVyseVhDYnxRk3VRVa_wiVBNyTed4nXylwqtIr1wQ8J05aOme8EQ=h310
  • AIO Launcher v1.15.9 Premium aVguwy-YlqiZFW3-0GnmU0thevk1d_MM32UY9PGChPbOtmmxeOXmLvdjkjo1_Aeu1dk=h310

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