AIMP v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018)

AIMP v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018) aimp-v2-70-beta-build-520-19-03-2018-2

AIMP for Andorid is light mobile version of AIMP audio player for Android OS.

Current version contains:
+ Supported formats: *.ape; *.mpga; *.mp3; *.wav; *.ogg; *.umx; *.mod; *.mo3; *.it; *.s3m; *.mtm; *.xm; *.aac; *.flac; *.mp4; *.m4a; *.m4b; *.mpc; *.wv; *.opus; *.dsf; *.dff; *.tta
+ CUE Sheet support
+ 8-band equalizer
+ Automatic detection of data encoding in tags
+ Album Art supports (from tags / from file folder)
+ An ability to repeat playlist / track / playback without repeating
+ An ability to play music from File Managers
+ An ability to control playback from notification area (for Android v3.0 and newer)
+ An ability to control playback via Headset
+ An ability to group files by template
+ An ability to sort files by template / manually
+ An ability to search files in filtering mode
+ An ability to delete files physically
+ An ability to load files from selected folder
+ An ability to quick add all music from all SD-cards
+ An ability to play files from the File Manager applications
+ Integration with standard lock screen (for Android v4.0 and newer)
+ Widget for the desktop
+ Widget for the lock screen (for Android v4.2 and newer)
AIMP / WHAT'S NEW in v1.02

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+ Player: support of the DSD (DFF / DSDIFF) and TAK formats have been added
* Common: the Japanese and Kazakh localizations have been added
* Common: BASS libraries were updated to latest versions


v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018)
Common: support for Android Auto
Common: support for Android Shortcuts
Sound Engine: volume normalization via replay gain has been added
Sound Engine: cross-fade feature has been added
Sound Engine: equalizer has been extended to 29 bands (skin should support this feature)
Playlist: an ability to sort playlist tabs manually
Playlist: an ability to customize formatting lines for playlist entries
Playlist: an ability to sort playlist by year tag field
Themes: an ability to change theme hue

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  • AIMP v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018) x6IeppDehiby3OzfuYYJw54WOeyguTGSSIyNfip9g6MaYujHK3WC-BCGjHwNQ43fj0xL=h310
  • AIMP v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018) wpTuuvhO_C7Szcpz2PhB5cEI1yamRYKkTesB4XT4GjVN9vMjqlT8wNcv5SniaWAILDo=h310
  • AIMP v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018) 85tfrEgisPxb9p1ybnTqVnxVu0U9Q2TJ8wBrlbhj8KmwzE5RV9lo6xdf1s9s4h9EVIw=h310
  • AIMP v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018) 7FzGFK9zsK6vUpoPpxKAixAb1BjnoHslp7jraUjIy2GGUffoScu6NJDhsyMGbnWPd3I=h310
  • AIMP v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018) anSQWFnp-sWdhoemJ3p1xDMNxOVmB49NV-h4hJFNuD4RNthc0NzjYQ0kxsmBW0v3CG0=h310
  • AIMP v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018) jzjpTpGPeal_F4LjZB_9fWNrmP5SgBN-_R7cWqabEVWGiCX5q0CEPmnMHRLTdcMIgyw=h310
  • AIMP v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018) 82RFYwzEU20Ms986IkLH9cNs8hAuEBHRfRxZeUt0yP9mQMgqSY-3OaKQSOzd91wPz5w=h310
  • AIMP v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018) 4o4T-X_zQSPoEdH3HgB5fH7kMoNe0Rk5g14J56L9V-QxUux2KOJtFID2duz6Hl285z8I=h310
  • AIMP v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018) pasG6iWSG5wrMEwpY0pwBJ-wDCB8CikEFRbH6zEfjFKVI231MLWGunVOOelA_hLZgVgq=h310
  • AIMP v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018) ZmKcpIb65yv3-6EjNgz707Sl3kmCpxois3jt5m5RfeShmdoRkDJ4ymA5Bruq3OXn4yE6=h310
  • AIMP v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018) Dd0-MfbUFEANWyJrBpfXGv1DvJZrNSzWqTeHp4gcKwRFPN2TQgzQ5laLgjlX9b8GYhzC=h310
  • AIMP v2.70, Build 547 (15.05.2018) kFfRiLPj6ueYqKmAY5lk7in_b0bf8VhtU4S1_61wvmbfLVHM8vOf79kd0d6VCJ3ZWA=h310



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