Afterglow Icons Pro v2.2.0 Patched

Afterglow Icons Pro v2.2.0 Patched afterglow-icons-pro-v1-8-0-patched-2

Afterglow combines pastel colors along with heightened vibrance which will give you a pleasant color palette! Along with that, each icon has a glow behind it to give your phone a unique look!
Afterglow comes with a good amount of careful creativity which results in a unique but consistent look. The icons go well with light as well as dark wallpapers!!

What do I get with Afterglow Pro?
• Blueprint dashboard by Jahir Fiquitva
• 1045 carefully handcrafted vector icons and more to come!
• 192x192px high resolution!
• Weekly updates of 80+ icons!
• Support for many launchers!

What more do I get compared to Afterglow Free?
• Many more Icons!
• Special attention to Icon Requests!
• Alternative Icons for many apps!
• Folder Icons for many different categories!
• Bigger weekly updates (80+ Icons)!

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Launchers supported:
• ADW Launcher
• Action Launcher
• Apex Launcher
• Aviate Launcher
• Evie Launcher
• CM Theme Engine
• Nova Launcher
• Go Launcher
• Holo Launcher
• L Launcher
• Lucid Launcher
• Mini Launcher
• Next Launcher
• Smart Launcher
• Solo Launcher
• TSF Launcher
• Unicon Pro

Special thanks to Jahir Fiquitva for his opensource Blueprint dashboard!

Join the AfterGlow collection on google plus for updates on the app:


• 100 new icons!
• 1882 Total Icons!
• Many new alts!
• Activity fixes
• Please Rate and Review the app!

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  • Afterglow Icons Pro v2.2.0 Patched M7nVnr0WgPtl8dR1EUuVKwwDcJQp8uWhPB97Xw5ZbPu5Ge1XAdGR6qkr8A6ucgDqTIiU=h310
  • Afterglow Icons Pro v2.2.0 Patched Uxv5908r3hwsIN1jEMlC5fXmVYPjpa0G911NH07jApLLF7TfKFM_DaZA-XrKQ6KYiPy8=h310
  • Afterglow Icons Pro v2.2.0 Patched 93aVsZ7UnbPF80b7yx6uc-8nLNddG1BLJY0P4WMJIQgBvtp1AqOtKr41y93_E54bMts=h310
  • Afterglow Icons Pro v2.2.0 Patched dQth9IoAtfLtejXUnRMuh63ypq0PvDJSrbmKC84FOliamHFvtqIGdLTV7KV6SOvIQesw=h310



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