Adventure Bar Story v1.6 (Mod Money)

Adventure Bar Story v1.6 (Mod Money) adventure-bar-story-v1-6-mod-money

“I’m so high on this because it’s the best of every world. I’m not spending hours and hours senselessly grinding, and I’m not cooking fake food until my eyes bleed. The mix of action and simulation feels right. The pacing is good.”

“It’s a massive game, with a seriously smart idea that has been executed well. If you’re hooked by RPGs and find simulations addictive, this game might just eliminate your free time altogether.” -Pocket Gamer

“We spent way more time than we bargained for with a near-final build as we got sucked into its intricacies, but we’ve managed to tear our thumbs away from the touchscreen long enough to write up some impressions.”

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Kamerina’s Bar is a typical tavern in the world of an RPG where adventurers gather to share information. YOU are the owner. Gustav, the rich neighborhood restaurant owner, is trying to buyout your tavern. Gustav is a powerful man, if you don’t do anything, he will drive you out of business and force you to sell the bar! Best way to defend the take over? WIN THE CROWD! Become the most popular bar in town, so even Gustav can’t touch you!

★★Game Play★★
– Slice Up Monsters for Your Main Dish!
Battles are the best way to get exotic ingredients. Slice up a dragon, and bring back its meat to cook dragon steak! Steal its eggs to make dragon omelets!

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– Rank up Your Bar!
Cook with the ingredients gathered in your adventure. Serve customers and win contests to Rank up Your Bar and trigger RPG events. Do you have what it takes to analyze seasonal demand changes and combos?

-Eat to Level Up!
Unlike most RPGs, the characters in this game do not level up by fighting monsters. EXP is gained only through eating! Make enough food for your customers and party members. The better the food, the stronger they get.

– 400 Recipes
There are over 400 recipes in the game! Completing the recipe book will be a tough challenge. Lead your party members to over 10 dungeons in the game to look for rare ingredients!

※iAPs are absolutely unnecessary for the full completion of the game. Only 50-70 hours of your time is! There is also no waiting time in the game. It’s NOT a pay or wait game.

Bug fixes

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Mod Money-open game-continue


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