ActiMap – Outdoor maps & GPS v1.5.1.0 Paid

ActiMap – Outdoor maps & GPS v1.5.1.0 Paid actimap-outdoor-maps-gps-v1-4-2-0-paid

ActiMap comes with a small starter library of online maps (map sources) with the ability to easily add your own from the ActiMap online map sources library, or manually. The starter library includes:

~ 4UMaps: European topographic outdoor, hike and mountain bike maps based on OpenStreetMap data
~ HikeBikeMap: Worldwide hike and bike maps based on OpenStreetMap data
~ OpenCycleMap: The OpenStreet cycle map
~ ArcGIS World Topo map: Land cover and World topographic maps from various sources hosted by Esri

With a focus on selected topographic maps, the online map sources library includes:

~ Kompass: National topographic maps of Austria and Germany
~ Norwegian Mapping Authority: National topographic maps of Norway
~ UK Ordnance Survey Landranger and Explorer type outdoor maps from Bing (*)
~ IGN: Topographic maps of France from géoportail

and others. This library will be updated regularly, and you can start importing straight away. Be sure to keep coming back!

Regions of maps can be downloaded for use offline, and you can record and display tracks of your journeys.

Look at these other features:

~ Simple interface design specifically for use on the go
~ One tap control of track recording
~ Real-time current location, heading, and track display
~ Low battery usage
~ Download multiple maps simultaneously
~ Pause and resume map downloads
~ Import, export and share downloaded maps
~ Import, export and share GPX files
~ Import, export and share online map source definitions
~ Manually add and edit map sources
~ Display multiple tracks in different colours
~ Smooth map scrolling
~ Smooth zooming, not limited to fixed zoom levels
~ Embedded help guides for use offline

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Note: When purchasing ActiMap, you are only purchasing the functionality the app provides, and not a license to use the mapping data. The usage and licensing rights of the maps (or downloaded GPX tracks) you access are the property of their providers, and you are kindly asked to honour them. All online maps in the starter library and the ActiMap online library are also publicly accessible online for free via their respective websites.

(*) Bing Maps, while publicly accessible at requires a key for access within an app such as ActiMap. The embedded ActiMap key is a basic limited-use key. As such, permanent on-going free access to Bing Maps is not guaranteed, and will be reviewed based on usage.

~ Fixed a problem whereby the maps of New Zealand provided by LINZ no longer displayed

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